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Minerals mined in Congo make our computers, cell phones, cars and many other products work.

I joined CongoSwim because there are people in Congo who are suffering and I am here using an iPad made from valuable minerals that are supposed to benefit them.” 9 year old participant

How can my swimming, dancing or BBQ with friends help kids in Congo?

As a CongoSwim participant, you ask your friends and family to give money to support very courageous groups working in Congo for a peaceful and fair future.  Often problems can be very big (like the forest fire in the below video) but when many people decide to care and get involved, great things can happen!  You signing up with CongoSwim and others donating in honor of you, brings much needed money and support to Congolese working every day to end violence.  Check out this fun video by Nobel Peace Prize winner Wangari Maathai, then scroll down for the list of activities you can register and some fundraising tools.

Imagine what the world can look like if we all do our part like the hummingbird!

In parts of Congo, many children live in poverty and do not have enough food. Many families must leave their homes for safety when there is fighting in their community.

In parts of Congo, many children live in poverty and do not have enough food. Many families must leave their homes for safety when there is fighting in their community.

Congo is one of the most mineral rich countries on our planet and we benefit from its minerals every day. Since many people want to control the land for mining, there has been a lot of fighting. The great news is that there are brave and inspiring Congolese people working for a peaceful and healthy future where more Congolese families will actually benefit from the riches in their land.  Scroll down to see where Congo is on the map.


By joining CongoSwim, you ask others to sponsor you and raise money for groups in Congo that:

  • Provide care to children and their families who have been badly hurt
  • Train courageous local  leaders to ensure that everyone is treated fairly
  • Create more opportunities for families to send their kids to school
  • Help local youth build and run technology centers so they can tell others in Congo and the world about what is happening in their areas.  This is very  important work because if you do not know about a crime, you can not be a part of stopping it.  Right now, it is estimated that only 6%—10% of the entire population has electricity and less than 2% is able to access the internet.  These centers often have to use generators  to get power to the computers.

Publication2Click HERE to print the ‘Fundraising Worksheet Letter.’  Click HERE to download the ‘Family Friendly How To Participate’ flyer.

You and your family and friends can have fun while helping others! All you have to do is first, decide what activity you will do on your own, as a family or with a friend or team.

Will you help this summer?        

Just like books often have dedication pages, you can dedicate one of your summer activities or goals to people working for lasting peace in Congo.  Here are a few ideas.  Please help us grow this list by registering your creative idea.    

  1. Host a CongoSwim pool party or sleepover

    Thank you Oakland Undercurrent for dedicating one of your swim meets!

    Thank you Oakland Undercurrent for dedicating a swim meet!

  2. Join the 8/23 Lake Merritt Walk in Oakland, CA
  3. Learn to swim!
  4. Set a goal to hike or bike ride farther than you ever have before
  5. Jump off the side of a pool 100 times
  6. Swim, run, bike, walk or skip your farthest or fastest
  7. Swim a ‘No-Breather’
  8. Ask a swim team to host a ‘Fund Friday’ for CongoSwim
  9. Learn to dive
  10. Organize a Swim-A-ThonThe Meyers Family 220 x 146
  11. Dive for coins to fill a Treasure Box
  12. Dedicate a concert or dance performance

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Did you know…?

  • Congo is often called ‘The Heart of Africa’ and located in the center of the continent. Just as with our bodies, a strong and healthy heart is very important to our well being. Many people who are working for a peaceful and fair future in Congo say that the health of all of Africa and our planet will continue to suffer as long as people are not held responsible for causing violence in Congo.
  • Congo is part of the second largest rainforest in the world and often called our Earth’s lung, with the Amazon rainforest being the other lung.
  • There is enough agricultural capacity in Congo to feed the entire world through 2050.
  • Half of all the people in Congo are under age 18.
  • Congo’s Ishango Bones, a counting system and lunar calendar, are among the oldest mathematical artifacts in the world, dating to 20,000 BC.